Monday, September 21, 2009

Breaking Windy

Windy City is my favorite convention. It's small scaled and artist focused, run by Chris and Sal, the swell fellas of Around Comics. But I'm not really a convention guy. I seldom enjoy drawing on demand, and usually just tolerate the shows, not enjoying myself until the gatherings afterward. Saturday I woke up in a lousy mood and was an hour late for the show. I started to lose my voice right before speaking on an inking comics panel, and really lost it at the thumping disco at the after party...the entire day I felt like heading home. But then, miraculously, sitting at a lively, friendly neighborhood bar just a few short blocks away, I woke up. I had a great time talking with fellow cartoonists, sketching, and drinking good beer served with pretzels and good mustard. You gotta love Chicago, and you gotta make Windy City next year. I know I will.

Sharing a quiet moment with Mike Norton amidst the post-con disco din at John Barleycorn. Photo by Rachelle Rosenberg.


tomfowler said...

i was gonna go, then a nice man put my family and i up in a four star hotel in montreal...

so i went there instead.

i'm really hoping to hit windy city next year, though.

surly hack said...

Montreal sounds nice, too. see you next year.