Monday, May 10, 2010

Cobra Woman

This month and next there are a few film revivals that I'm looking forward to. This Friday, May 14th, Block Cinema in Evanston is showing Cobra Woman (Robert Siodmak, 1944) in a 35mm. archival print. This piece of over-the-top Technicolor camp is something I've been waiting to see on the big screen for many years. Block is also screening Max Ophul's La Signora di Tutti (Everybody's Woman, 1934) on June 11th.

Unfortunately I will be out of town on May 22nd when Bank of America Cinema is screening a 35 mm. print of the Lon Chaney silent Mr. Wu (William Nigh, 1927), along with live organ accompaniment by Jay Warren. Back in January Jay did a terrific job with with Pandora's Box. But I will be able to attend Decision at Sundown (Bud Boetticher, 1957), which they'll screen in 35 mm. on June 5th.

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