Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Under the Cover

Woo hoo! I drew the cover for SIMPSONS SUPER SPECTACULAR #15 — on sale June 27th. It features Radioactive Man and Plasmo, and depicts a story drawn by artist Frank Brunner. You can read about the issue on the Bongo Comics website, here.


Charlie said...

When can we expect to get a full story drawn by you, Mr Barta?

surly hack said...

I've done a few for the Simpsons books, as well as SpongeBob Squarepants. Let's see...I have a short story coming up in Bart Simpson Comics #73, on sale July 25. And a Mermaid Man and Plankton story in Spongebob Comics #10, on sale the same day. I have another story for SpongeBob in the can, and I drew the cover this fall's TREEHOUSE OF HORROR annual.

surly hack said...

OOPS! I had the dates wrong on my Mermaid Man and Plankton story: It appears that SPONGEBOB COMICS #10 is out tomorrow, 7/12!