Friday, September 07, 2012

Some Things Don't Go Better with Coke

This is a panel from a story about the Fatty Arbuckle scandal that I drew for the BIG BOOK series at DC's Paradox Press. I used pen instead of my usual brush to evoke the fine line illustrations of the silent film era. I also made sure to clear using the "Coke" logo on the bottle--but of course it was whited out--and on the original art. From The Big Book of Scandal!, Paradox Press (which was an imprint of DC Comics), 1997. Only a three page black-and-white story, it's one of maybe 50 in the book by as many artists.


Robolly said...

Interesting -- I'd just come across a Fatty Arbuckle item at The GreenBrier Picture Show blog (a poster for a 1932 comeback flick). There's a fascinating book out there about the whole Arbuckle thing called FRAME UP!: The Untold Story of Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle.

surly hack said...

I haven't seen that book. Arbuckle's story is a sad one. The same sort of thing continues today, with actors and celebrities often guilty until proven innocent.