Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney gloms Marvel

This is big. Bigger than a giant-size man-thing. Disney comics always keeps the original art, same policy that Fox set at Bongo with The Simpsons art. Marvel's stated policy has been that they own the art, and only return it as a gift. We'll see. Fred Hembeck sez, "I guess Howard can finally get rid of those silly pants now, huh?..."

Read an article on the deal's Eisner/Iger connection, here. Read writer Steven Grant's cogent thoughts on the purchase, here. And read a couple of Disney/Marvel limericks at Limerwrecks, here, and here.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gene Ha

Had a fabulous time at Gene Ha's birthday bash on Saturday night. Gene and Lisa are charming and generous hosts. In fact, Gene was so generous that he was giving away his amazingly detailed original art to Top Ten. What a guy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Zombie Love

Looking at that lousy drink'n'draw monster- zombie reminded me of this one, which I much prefer. I drew it for pal Brian Churrilla at a signing for his new Red 5 comic, We Kill Monsters. Brian had just given me a Staedtler marker brush-pen and so I used it to do the sketch. It's a nice brush, the same one I used for the drunk'n'drawn.

Drunk-n-Drawn, numero deux

Last night's half-baked boozy brushwork from the bar. Thanks to Jason Millet for the scan. Man, is that thing butt-ugly! At least the beer was good. (Click to enlarge--but why would you?)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Went to the local drink-n-draw last night. Pav Kovacic was kind enough to let me ink his nifty sketch of Flash Gordon. Pav works as an art director, but his sketchbook was full of some very cool drawings and comics--proving he's an artist first. A bar is not the ideal spot for nuanced inking, and I'm afraid I didn't do the classic cartoony face justice. (Click image to enlarge)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I just noticed that I'm wearing the same damn shirt in the photos from the cons in both Chicago and San Diego. I swear to God that I washed it between shows!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Con Ed

Chicago Con was a long day, but a good one, ending with the usual
drinks at the Hyatt bar. We were hanging near the super suave
Billy Dee Williams, aka Lando Calrissian, who huddled in a corner,
back to the wall. Jason Latour ran the gauntlet and gave him a fist bump.

Above: Here I am talking to Chris Burnham, as Angel Medina wisely
ignores me. Below: After a long night of drinking I lean on the lovely
and talented Rachelle Rosenberg for support. And no, I didn't take a
picture of Billy Dee Williams.

The auction to benefit John Ostrander went well, but there was lots
of art still left to auction. For future online auction details, check out
the website Comix4Sight.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Benefit for John Ostrander

Mike Gold is holding a benefit auction for longtime friend and comics writer, John Ostrander, to help with John's medical expenses. The auction is this Saturday night, but you can also contribute directly at any time using the address at the bottom of the article on the situation, below. I urge you to help out in any way you can. Feel free to write to me about how you can help.

Hilary Barta

Chicago Comic-Con To Host John Ostrander Benefit

Veteran Comics Creator Fighting Blindness

An auction will be held at the Chicago Comic-Con (nee Wizard World Chicago) the evening of Saturday, August 8, 2009 to raise funds for comics veteran John Ostrander, who is undergoing a series of operations and medical treatments to fight off blindness.

A 27-year veteran of the comics field, Ostrander, has long been suffering from glaucoma. Recently, John underwent a series of operations that might have saved his remaining eyesight. Progress has been made but he faces considerably more treatment in the months ahead.

To help Ostrander cover his costs, a committee has been organized called Comix4Sight. Solicitations for the benefit auction have gone out, and the response from the comics community has been overwhelming.

“The cost of these John’s procedures has been astronomical, and are only partially covered by insurance. And by ‘partially,’ I’m being polite,” committee co-chairperson Mike Gold disclosed. “John has to go up to Boston repeatedly for treatment, and on two occasions thus far he had to spend a week there for the actual surgery.

“Like so many other Americans John is without sufficient medical coverage to cover these types of expenses; sadly, his insurance will expire in about a year,” Gold noted. “With the assistance of Peter Katz and Wizard Entertainment, Adriane Nash, Mike Raub and I have organized a benefit auction to raise funds for John’s medical expenses. We will be having this auction Saturday night at the Chicago Comic-Con to be held at the Rosemont Convention Center near O’Hare Field on August 6th through 9th.”

Original art, signed scripts, comics memorabilia, autographed books and similar items are being donated to the auction. “Within the first 24 hours we’ve received pledges of contributions including original art and signed books by Howard Chaykin, David Lloyd, Dave Sim, Norm Breyfogle, Dick Giordano, Dennis O’Neil, Hilary Barta, Kevin Van Hook, Mark Badger, Michael Davis, Rick Stasi, Paul Gulacy, Joe Landsdale, and, of course, John’s GrimJack collaborator Timothy Truman. We’re getting commitments every day,” committee co-chairperson Adriane Nash stated.

“We’ve set up a website – – that will be carrying updated information about both the benefit and the auction items,” Nash continued. “We’ll also be posting the results of the auction, and any items that came in too late for the benefit will be auctioned off at the site. We will donate any excess revenue to other comics professionals suffering from major vision issues or to The Hero Initiative.”

Monetary contributions would also be gratefully accepted by check or through PayPal at Individuals and corporations interested in making contributions should send them to:

Mike Gold and Adriane Nash
304 Main Avenue, #194
Norwalk, CT 06851

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Con Artist

Convention season is in full swing. I've barely
recovered from San Diego and this weekend
I'll be wandering around the Wizard Chicago
con. Saturday night I'll be at the benefit auction
for John Ostrander. I also heard that there's a
party at Chicago Comics that same night.
Just what is a social butterfly to do?

It's hard to grab a bite on the convention floor.
Above is a shot of me being accosted by a hungry
young lady at Comicon. (Photo by Andrew Kudelka)