Thursday, January 07, 2010

Don't Bank on It

The future of the Bank of America Cinema, a venerable--and fun--Chicago institution, is in jeopardy. The BOAC is a revival house located in a bank, and the bank building is up for sale. Formerly owned by Northwest Federal Savings and Loan, Talman and LaSalle banks, films were first screened in the building's basement in 1972, and then in the theatre, built in 1977.

On a recent visit to there I saw a terrific 35 mm. print of the German silent Pandora's Box, with glorious theatre organ accompaniment by Jay Warren. The Cinema has films scheduled through this June. I'm already planning on attending the January 30th showing of My Name is Julia Ross, the film that put director Joseph H. Lewis on the map. You can view the schedule for their upcoming season--perhaps their last--on their unofficial blog, here. Or, go to their Facebook page, here.

Bank of America Cinema
4901 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago
Use the rear entrance and parking lot behind the bank.
Screenings are at 8:00 PM Saturdays
Admission is a measly $5