Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Mask of the Green Death

These are two penciled panels from a new short story I've drawn. "Englouorioues Mask-Tards!!!" was written by the always entertaining Evan Dorkin. It's a crazy, bloody riff on a certain movie director and stars The Mask. It's free to read online at Myspace Dark Horse Presents (Go to back issue 33). And there's a very funny interview with Dorkin about the story here. The story was a blast to work on, and I'm looking forward to Evan writing something else for me. I'd prefer it to be a blank check, but I'll settle for a comics script.

The Mask is © and trademark Dark Horse Comics 2010.


shane oakley said...

these are fab!
a buzz to see you drawing some comics agen - and i don't even have to pay to read em!

surly hack said...

Thanks, Shane. It was a very funny script. Can't wait to work with Evan again.